Family Day Itinerary in Hastings County

Photos and story submitted by Linsey De Ruysscher 

If you’re a regular reader of the Hastings County blog, you know that I’m the type of wanderer known as a “Memory Maker”. I’m all about creating memories as a family because to us…family is the most important thing there is. We’re big fans of making family time with the kiddos a priority because they’re only going to be this small for so long. We have to soak it all in while we still can, you know?

So, with Family Day coming up, you can bet we have some fun planned! If you’re not quite sure what kind of memories you’d like to make with your family, below is an awesome Family Day Itinerary for you to enjoy – and you don’t even have to leave Hastings County!


STOP #1 – Breakfast at Jenny’s Country Lane – Stirling, ON

 Jenny’s Country Lane – Stirling, ON



Before a day filled with family fun, you need to fuel up, right? So, head to Jenny’s Country Lane on Mill Street in Stirling for an absolutely delicious breakfast! This adorable little diner has great food, wonderful service, and it’s the type of place where they know you by name. The prices are great and the food? I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


Photo of a copy of coffeePhoto of lunch dish

Photo of Pancakes and sausages Photo of scrambled eggs


STOP #2 – Frink Centre for Family Fun Day – Plainfield, ON

After you fill your bellies, bundle up and get ready for a day full of fun at the Frink Centre on Thrasher Road in Plainfield. They have a Family Fun Day planned on Monday, February 18th from 11am to 2pm that includes; bird feeder making, shelter building, a scavenger hunt and more! You can pack a yummy picnic to enjoy or purchase a hot dog lunch on-site. All the fun details are on the poster below.


Frrink Centre Family fun day poster


STOP #3 – Your Favourite Toboggan Hill – Hastings County

After the Frink Centre, pick your favourite toboggan hill in Hastings County and get ready for some more fun! Our boys LOVE to go tobogganing and they even manage to talk us into sliding down the hill on their little sleds from time to time. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun! I haven’t been quite brave enough to test out their snowboards yet though. Oh, and you get some really cute pictures too! I love those rosy-cheeked grins after a fun day on the hill!


Child with snowboard in the snow

Boy laying in the snow


What I love about Family Day is…it’s a day dedicated to families. A day where we all make a point to slow down, break away from our busy schedules, and just enjoy each other’s company. I fully support a day that celebrates the importance of family. After all, I’m a “Memory Maker”.

This itinerary is just one of many for Family Day in Hastings County. There are lots of great events happening throughout the weekend all over the area. Check out the Hastings County Facebook page for details on everything going on. In addition to the nature-filled fun at the Frink Centre, there’s also winter festivals, events for animal lovers, and so much more!

No matter what you decide to do this Family Day, just make sure you’re spending the day doing what you love…with the ones you love. That’s really what it’s all about.


Story and photographs by Linsey De Ruysscher

Photo of Linsey De Ruysscher

As one of our six Local Wanderers exploring Hastings County, Linsey enjoys making memories with her family hiking on new trails and discovering new hidden attractions along the way. If there is a river to be paddled, they'll be there!

Learn more about Linsey through her bio, as well as for a link to the other adventures she has shared with us. You can also read about our other five Local Wanderers and the excursions they've experienced across the County.



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