Harvest Time in Hastings County

Photos and Story submitted by Linsey De Ruisscher

Every year around this time, we love to go out together and do a little pumpkin picking. We pick a day, we pick a local farm or orchard, and we spend an afternoon searching for our Fall pumpkins! The bigger, the better according to our boys. As an added bonus, this time of year also happens to be prime apple season! So, we usually grab a bunch (or a bushel!) of apples to take home with us too! Harvest time in Hastings County is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?


 There are so many amazing farms and orchards throughout Hastings County to enjoy this Fall, and The Apple Store – Cooney Farms just north of Stirling was our destination of choice this year. We walked in and discovered an absolutely gorgeous retail store filled with kitchen gadgets, home décor items, and local food products including; jams, cheese, ice cream and more! I could spend a serious amount of time in this store. However, the boys were itching to get out in the pumpkin patch, so off we went! (Don’t worry though, I’ll be going back to investigate further!)


 We spent a fair amount of time exploring out in the large pumpkin patch right across from the store. It was filled with beautiful, enormous pumpkins just waiting to be carved! Our youngest fell in love with one particular pumpkin almost immediately and gave it a great big bear hug! It ended up being one of the ones we took home with us. It was clearly love at first sight!


 We also took home a half-bushel of apples! The Apple Store – Cooney Farms has PLENTY of apple varieties to choose from including; McIntosh, Honey Crisp and Northern Spy. We are a family of Honey Crisp lovers, so it was pretty easy for us to choose which kind we wanted.


 My husband is also a big fan of apple cider, so he was happy to discover they had complimentary Hot Apple Cider to enjoy while we wandered around. I later learned the apple cider was freshly pressed that morning before the sun even came up! It was delicious!

If you’re not a fan of wandering around in pumpkin patches like we are, you can choose from The Apple Store’s selection of pumpkins – big and small – out in front of the store. Lots to choose from! Even some cute little ones for decorating! 


 Hastings County is a pretty beautiful place to be this time of year, so be sure to get out there and soak up the beauty, pick pumpkins, bite into apples and just enjoy some time together as a family. It’s a wonderful time of year for photos too! We took a selfie in the pumpkin patch! #FallFamilySelfie! 


Much to my excitement, our family of adventurers are doing even more wandering in Hastings County this Fall! We’ll head a little further north to do some exploring, eating, walking and sight-seeing real soon! Where are we headed?? Stay tuned to the Hastings County blog and Facebook page for all the details!

 Now go! Get out there and enjoy a family day this Fall while there’s still time! After all, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of kids in a pumpkin patch…



Story and photographs by Linsey De Ruysscher

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As one of our six Local Wanderers exploring Hastings County, Linsey enjoys making memories with her family hiking on new trails and discovering new hidden attractions along the way. If there is a river to be paddled, they'll be there!

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