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H.E.A.T Program

The Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up (H.E.A.T.) program was designed to reduce the risk of homelessness by assisting with winter heating bills.

Many people spend a high proportion of their monthly income on heating costs. Those who spend the most may be eligible for a financial supplement during the three coldest months of the year 2023: January, February and March. The amount of the supplement will be determined by the number of applications received and the budget available.

In order to determine whether this program can assist you, complete the application (only one application per residence), sign the consent and declaration and return this application as soon as possible. Please ensure that all adults, 21 years of age or older, declare all available income. If accommodations are shared with a non-family member who contributes to the expenses of heat and rent, please be sure to include his or her information with your application and have this person sign the Consent and Declaration.

Applicants who are approved will receive a letter in the mail and the funds will be paid direct for the 3-month period, to apply to the shelter bills of their choice.

Apply to HEAT Program