A new way to explore Hastings County

The County of Hastings has launched its next generation of online mapping known as “Community Online Maps”.  Available to the general public and municipal staff, the new online mapping provides unique features not previously available.

“This new technology allows the County of Hastings to offer enhanced information to our communities and businesses,” notes Hastings County Warden Rick Phillips. “I am particularly excited by the ease of use and the ability to move around the County, zooming in on areas of interest.”

This new application was designed and created by County GIS (Geographic Information Systems) staff over the last year and fellow employee Nick January, GIS Coordinator, says it will replace the current online map applications that have collectively been serving the County since 2008.

The main features of the new online interactive map include a prominent map window for maximum viewing, floating menus, interactive display settings, advanced search functions, improved performance and reliability, and access to geographic data such as detailed road networks and 9-1-1 civic addresses.  Of particular interest are the inclusion of updated colour aerial photography (2013) and the ability of the user to design, save and print custom maps.

To learn more visit HastingsCounty.com , or go directly to the County GIS web page at www.hastingsnavigator.ca.

County Map