Get outside!

Ah yes... ...the long weekend is finally here!  While we want to see some rain, one cannot complain about the sunny and hot weather.  If you do, just pretend it's the middle of January.  Otherwise, I think this has been a magnificent Summer to get outdoors.

Even the Province of Ontario is getting into the spirit.  On July 25th they issued a news release titled, "Ontario Launches Challenge to Spend More Time in Nature".  The release highlights that time spent in natural settings has a positive impact on mental and physical health. 

Okay then, what are some places in Hastings County where you can "spend more time in nature"?  Here are some that come to mind and this is by no means a complete list and please contact me at 613.966.6712 ext. 4011 if you think there's one that should be added:

Go Rockhounding

Bancroft is the Mineral Capital of Canada.  Take your friends and family to the Gem and Mineral Museum and join a guided tour of the museum and some gem collecting sites.  More information here.

Hit the trails

The Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance offers a trail network spreading from the Bay of Quinte to Algonquin Park. The trails wander past scenic villages, historic ghost towns and clear lakes and streams. They’re ideal for ATVs, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, cycling, and birding. You can visit for the day, or stay for the week. You can even customize your trip with one of our Adventure Packages. Here's further information about the EOTA.

The Hastings Heritage Trail is a four season recreational corridor stretching 156 km from Glen Ross in Quinte West to its most northerly point adjacent to Lake St. Peter Provincial Park in Hastings Highlands. The trail is enjoyed year round by snowmobilers, dogsledders, cross country skiers, ATV enthusiasts, horseback riders, cyclist and hikers. The trail is managed by the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance.

This region also includes over 30,000 acres of conservation lands protected by Quinte Conservation. Some of this land is developed with facilities for the public such as washrooms, trails, and parking.  One thing though, before hitting the trails, you may want to learn about the hazardous plants found in our region:  Hazardouts Plants Information Guide

Here is a list of some trails and conservation areas to visit:

Motorcycle riders rejoice

Enjoy the winding, twisting roads of our communities with memorable attractions along the way. Ride the Highlands and enjoy a diverse riding experience as the roads are influenced by the landscape.

The Highlands Loop covers the towns of Bancroft, Stirling and Tweed, and stretches into Haliburton and the Ottawa Valley. Dynamite Alley covers North Hastings and communities in Haliburton County.  Whatever your choice, you’ll find many attractions, accomodations, and restaurants along the way.

Looking for more? Here is the Top Ten Roads in Ontario's Highlands that will satisfy any rider.

Catch of the day

This region is known for its excellent fishing. Visitors come to fish in Hastings County year-round in one of our 180 lakes and countless streams, smaller ponds and bogs, and marinas and fishing outlets. Hastings County also hosts four major rivers: the Moira, Crowe, Black and York rivers, and an abundance of forests and wetlands which provide valuable wildlife habitat.


Take the challenge: adventurer's checklist

Think you've seen and done it all outdoors? Then you'll be up for challenging yourself to our Adventurer's Checklist:

As you can see, there is a lot to see and do across Hastings County.  What a great place to locate and run a business with all these experiences at your doorstep.  Our office is here to help.  Please get in touch.