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The Corporation of the County of Hastings Accessibility Plan 2013

Executive Summary

This is the eleventh year plan (2013) prepared by a working group of staff members with the assistance of an Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC). The 2013 Hastings County Accessibility Advisory Committee consists of three County Council members and three members at large.

The members at large were initially chosen through the interview process and have graciously agreed to continue to be involved.

Rick Phillips, Warden
Bob Sager, County Councillor
Wanda Donaldson, County Councillor
Owen Ketcheson, County Councillor
Tom Van Dusen, Member at Large
Ray Wellman, Member at Large
David Globe, Member at Large – Chair


The Corporation of the County of Hastings is comprised of the following municipalities:

Township of Tyendinaga
Municipality of Centre Hastings
Township of Marmara & Lake
Township of Tudor & Cashel
Township of Limerick
Township of Carlow/Mayo
Town of Deseronto
Township of Stirling-Rawdon
Municipality of Tweed
Township of Madoc
Township of Wollaston
Township of Faraday
Municipality of Hastings Highlands
Town of Bancroft


The Corporation of the County of Hastings, Postal Bag 4400,235 Pinnacle Street, Belleville, Ontario, K8N 3A9

Key Contact

Jim Pine, CAO-Clerk

Business: 613-966-1319; Fax: 613-966-2574;



Hastings County has a population of 42,394 with 23,713 households. It consists of 1,473,861 acres of land.

Municipal Highlights

The Corporation of the County of Hastings was incorporated in 1850. It is located in southeastern Ontario, approximately two hours east of Toronto and two hours west of Ottawa. It is comprised of fourteen member municipalities. It provides services through its Administration, Human Resources, Treasury, Social Services, Emergency Services, Long-term Care, Planning and Economic Development departments. It operates Provincial Offences (POA) courts in Belleville, and Bancroft. It has Social Services sub-offices in Bancroft, Madoc, Deseronto and Quinte West.


There were no other organizations or agencies that participated in the preparation of the

County’sAccessibility Plan.


Committee and staff members continue to meet and consult with outside agencies and other municipal organizations on O.D.A. issues.


This updated Annual Plan highlights the activities that have been undertaken during the last twelve months.

Summary of Information through Consultation from the Ministry of Community and Social Services website.

The designated staff member (Shaune Lightfoot) continues to participate in information sessions held by various Ministries.

Plan Development Working Group

Municipality/AgencyDepartment RepresentedContact Telephone/TTY & Email
Jim Duffin, Deputy ClerkHastings CountyAdministration613-966-1319 ex 3224
Shaune Lightfoot, Director of Human Resources Hastings County Human Resources613-966-1311 ex 3207
Yvonne Sloan, Health and Safety Coordinator Hastings County Human Resources613-966-1311 ex 3228 m
Bob Sager Hastings County Councillor Committee Member 613-473-4646
Wanda Donaldson Hastings County Councillor Committee Member 613-473-4806
Owen Ketcheson Hastings County Councillor Committee Member 613-477-2757
David GlobeCommunity Member – Visually impared Committee Member and Chair613-966-7319
Tom Van DusenCommunity Member – Wheel Chair Committee Member 613-966-1229
Ray WellmanCommunity MemberCommittee Member613-395-3516


Meetings are held at the County Administration Building, 235 Pinnacle Street, Belleville which is wheelchair accessible from the Church Street parking lot. It also houses two elevators. The Committeeusually meets two or three times a year. A staff working group meets as required to put programs in place. This committee has representatives from all County Departments.

Methods Used to Identify Barriers

Hastings County Department Heads have been made aware of the Accessibility Advisory Committee andthe types of barriers that would be reviewed, which, fall in the following categories: physical, architectural, information or communication, attitudinal, technological, and barriers created by policies or practices.

Barriers continue to be monitored within all departments. All plans for renovation are reviewed toensure accessibility issues are covered.

Many of the barriers initially identified in County Buildings in 2004 have now been addressed; thefollowing items were addressed in 2013.

  • Hastings County Council approved an Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy Statement andOrganizational Commitment.
  • Hastings County Council approved a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2012-2021.
  • A joint meeting was held with the Lennox and Addington AODA committee.
  • Hastings County continued to train all new employees and students on the AODA andspecifically Customer Service Training.
  • On-going review of any new building features in County owned buildings .
  • Submitted Hastings County’s Accessibility Report 2013 with the Ministry of EconomicDevelopment, Trade and Employment.


The Accessibility Advisory Committee makes recommendations to County Council which has final decision-making power.

The Committee is receiving full support from County Council and is confident that, over time, many barriers and obstacles will be eliminated in buildings owned by The Corporation of the County of Hastings. All Departments continue to include Accessibility Issues when making changes to areas within the County.

The following items will be reviewed in the 2014 program plan:

  • A review of Employment-Related policies
  • Further employee training on the Integrated Accessibility
  • Standards Ongoing Customer Service Training for new employees
  • Arrange a joint AODA meeting with Lennox and Addington Review of the County Administration Building renovations floor plan review of the County’s new official website
  • Review of the County’s new phone system