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Weed Control

The Weed Control Act was originally drafted by provincial legislators in the late 1800’s to achieve control of noxious weeds that interfere with land used for industries of agriculture and horticulture. By regulation, twenty-four (24) weeds in Ontario have been designated as noxious; their common names can be found in the link below. With some exceptions the Act requires that these weeds and weed seeds be destroyed by the landowner where they are found growing.

As required by the Act, the County has appointed an Area Weed Inspector to undertake the administration and enforcement of the Act. Under the Act, the Area Weed Inspector is empowered to search and inspect lands and issue written orders for the destruction of noxious weeds. The only exception to the requirement of issuing written orders is set out in Section 16 of the Act.

Weed Inspector

The Weed Inspector for the County of Hastings is appointed to carry out and perform the duties required of him/her under the provision of the Weed Control Act (Agricultural Complaints). The Weed Inspector is also appointed under Section 11 of the Municipal Act to carry out and perform inspection and enforcement duties with respect to complaints regarding nuisance weeds affecting human health, safety and well-being.

The Weed Inspector is authorized to proceed with remedial action as authorized by Section 446 of the Municipal Act and the Weed Inspection procedure

By-Law appointing the Area Weed Inspector

Contact for Area Weed Inspector

Anyone having information on specific locations where noxious or nuisance weeds are posing a public health risk should contact the Hastings County Area Weed Inspector:

John Anstey

(613) 848-1010

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