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Vendor Management Program

The County of Hastings is introducing a Vendor Management Program.

The intent of the program is to formalize the procedures and processes for contractors, service providers and County staff involved in the delivery of services for the County, in order to ensure a safe working environment whenever work is conducted on County property.

The program is an opportunity for contractors, service providers and the County to partner together to provide for the safety of all employees, workers and the general public on County projects and job sites.

As a part of this program, all contractors and service providers who are awarded work by the County will be required to complete our Vendor Management Program Checklist prior to starting any work. The purpose of the checklist is to provide a formal, documented process to ensure the safe and successful completion of all projects and services supplied to the County. The checklist as well as the County’s Health & Safety Orientation Package for Vendors is attached for your reference.

Vendor Management Documentation