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Doing Business with the County

You are invited to join the many other businesses currently providing goods and services to Hastings County. Procurement Services operates on the premise that a competitive market provides the best value for goods and services for the County. The majority of the goods and services purchased by Hastings County are through a competitive bidding process. Here is a brief explanation of the different types of procurement processes.

Low value purchases (not exceeding $10,000)

A minimum of one verbal quotation is required.

Informal request for quotations (greater than $10,000 but not exceeding $25,000)

An informal request for quotation requires 3 quotations obtained by the applicable department; quotations can be acquired by phone, fax, email or writing. This procedure does not require formal advertising or sealed bids.

Formal request for quotations (greater than $25,000 but not exceeding $50,000)

A formal request for quotation requires a minimum of 3 written quotations obtained by Procurement Services. This procedure does not require formal advertising or sealed bids.

Formal sealed bidding (greater than $50,000)

The County of Hastings is utilizing the Bids & Tenders digital procurement portal for the administration of tenders and Request for Proposals.

Learn more about Bids & Tenders

Who Gets the Contract?

The County generally awards contracts to the lowest responsible bidder for quotations and tenders. The lowest responsible bidder is the one who:

  • meets specifications and
  • meets terms and conditions of the bid, formal or informal and
  • provides the lowest price (subject to the availability of funds)

In the case of RFPs, the criteria for award are specified in each RFP document.

Employee Discount Program

The Hastings County Health & Wellness Committee is reaching out to local organizations and businesses to seek their participation in an Employee Discount Program.

In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles and living well, we would very much like to explore forming a mutually beneficial partnership with you on this new initiative for 2019 to support our employees and their families.

As we continuously invest in ways to facilitate work/life balance, we are committed to developing a program that inspires employees to take care of themselves and their loved ones, as well as supports our local economy and communities.

Benefits of being a vendor in the employee discount program:

  • Growth in sales
  • Exposure to the local market
  • Increase client base and access to new audiences
  • Partnerships in supporting people and our communities

Employee Discount Program Electronic Signup