Maple Season has begun in Hastings County!

When you visit Pure 62 Local: Yearwood Family Sugarbush, you’ll notice there are two things Crystal and Jeremy Yearwood do REALLY well – making AMAZING maple syrup of course - and making you feel completely welcome.

My husband and I were on hand for the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association: Quinte and District First Tapping Ceremony hosted by Pure 62 Local: Yearwood Family Sugarbush. When we arrived, Crystal and Jeremy welcomed us – along with many local maple producers, media outlets, family, friends and more – with open arms…and open doors!

We had a quick chat with Crystal and Jeremy before the informal ceremony began and they told us nothing was off-limits and encouraged us to take a walk around their sugarbush and explore! So, explore we did!


Maple syrup over camp fire

Maple sryup lines to trees

Bottled maple syrup on wooden box


What I absolutely love about Yearwood Family Sugarbush is…it’s truly a family atmosphere. After we wandered around for a bit and everyone arrived, we all gathered for the first tapping. But it wasn’t Crystal or Jeremy that did the honours…it was their 3-year-old son, Bodhi. With Daddy’s drill in hand and a little help from MPP Daryl Kramp, Bodhi made the first tap of the maple syrup season! He was the star of the show!


Group of people tapping maple tree for syrupGroup of people tapping maple tree for syrup


After the tapping, we were all invited to head to the garage – now known as the sugar shack - for a delicious pancake & sausage breakfast cooked by local chef, Matt DeMille. It was absolutely awesome! There were also some yummy tarts oh, and the syrup? Wow! Full disclosure here; I’m not a big fan of the taste of maple. But when I tasted their syrup, I actually looked at my husband and said… “This is REALLY good syrup!”. And I meant it! 


Photo of Pancakes

Butter tarts


After we ate, we had a chance to chat with Jeremy and it honestly felt like we were kicking back and talking with a friend. You can tell by the way he talks about the business that there is so much passion behind what they do. This is their 3rd year in business and each year more and more trees are being tapped. Jeremy says all proceeds from syrup sales go directly back into the business. He also mentioned he doesn’t just want “customers” coming and buying his product. He wants you to feel like a friend. You get the feeling from him that he genuinely wants to get to know you and your family. In fact, he and Crystal invited us to come back this Spring with our two boys so they could show them around the sugarbush! It’s a really wonderful family business, run by a really wonderful family.

To learn more about Pure 62 Local: Yearwood Family Sugarbush follow them on FB and Instagram 


Family awarded for maple syrup

Story and photographs by Linsey De Ruysscher

Photo of Linsey De Ruysscher

As one of our six Local Wanderers exploring Hastings County, Linsey enjoys making memories with her family hiking on new trails and discovering new hidden attractions along the way. If there is a river to be paddled, they'll be there!

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