Three outdoors-y ways to treat your sweetie on Valentine’s Day

By Sarah Sobanski


Up here in Hastings County we tend to have to get creative for the big day of love. In many of our rural municipalities we don’t have access to a movie theatre, or to any of the traditional take-them-on-a-date spaces. But — and let’s be honest — who wants to go to a movie on Valentine’s Day anyways? Your guy or girl deserves romance! Below are three ways you can wow your sweeite and make sure Cupid’s arrow hits its target this year.


Take them ice fishing


Now, now, hold on a minute. Don’t rush out with your rods and lures and use this article as an excuse to avoid romance. There are a ton of lakes across Hastings County and the weekend following Valentine’s Day just happens to be one of the four a year

you and your partner can fish without a licence  ( Take a bottle of wine with you, maybe some snacks, some candles? Treat him/her to a fish fry afterwards AND clean up the dishes. Spending time together is the reason for the season.


Go for a snowmobile ride


What’s better than saddling up behind your sweetheart? Maybe you want to teach them how to drive, or maybe the treat is letting them drive for once. Maybe you have a twin set of sleds and you can spend the day racing.  Either way,

there are a ton of trails ( in the region that you two can explore together. Bring a thermos full of hot chocolate and plop down in your snow pants for a winter picnic in our snowy playground.


Go skating



There’s nothing quite as romantic as skating under the stars. Hastings County is sprinkled with outdoor rinks where you and your partner can reenact classic romantic comedy scenes. Boy takes girl skating, girl out skates boy, boy falls and girl catches him, their eyes meet, linger… You know what I’m talking about. You two can warm up at a nice dinner at any of the county’s fantastic family-owned and unique restaurants after a few hours out on the ice.


Remember to think about your partner’s needs this Valentine’s Day. Show you care by taking care of them. Think outside of the box and get out of the winter blues by making new memories together.