Family Fun at the Tweed Harvest Festival

Story and Pictures submitted by Linsey De Ruysscher

I’m going to start off by saying I absolutely LOVE Fall! It’s my favourite season. No contest! The beautiful falling leaves, the pumpkins, the cooler weather. I love everything about this season! I also happen to think that the town of Tweed is an adorable little community in Hastings County. So, it’s pretty safe to say that the Tweed Harvest Festival is definitely my kind of festival! It was a weekend filled with pumpkin carving, a car show, live entertainment, a chilli lunch, largest pumpkin contest, salsa showdown, pumpkin pie contest, parking lot party, horse and wagon rides, and loads of games for the kids.

(Spoiler alert; the boys played ALL the games! Multiple times!)


 two boys sitting a hay surronded by pumpkins


We started the weekend fun at the Tweed Fairgrounds right at 11 am when the pumpkin carving started. Each family could pick out a pumpkin of their choice to carve, and it was absolutely free! They supplied the pumpkins for everyone, the spoons to scoop out all the seeds, and the knives for carving. The boys picked one of the bigger pumpkins (of course!) and after we cleaned out the inside, they each drew a face on either side of the pumpkin to carve.


kids drawing on pumpkin


After they perfected their pumpkin faces, it was time to do some carving! Since we didn’t want any injuries, my husband did the carving honours. We were all very happy with our two-sided pumpkin and it will be a perfect addition to our fall decorating at home. 


boy holding jack o lanternboy holding jack o lantern


Day two of the Tweed Harvest Festival was all about the GAMES! There was apple bobbing, bean bag tossing, mini-putting, donut bobbing, balloon darts, a scarecrow ring toss and more! We even went on a horse and wagon ride! All the games were free for the kids, and they also gave out candy for prizes. The boys were big fans! (So was I!)


kids bobbing for apples

boy holding hoola hoops around scare crows

child eating a donut hanging from a string

child playing mini putt made from pumpkinschild playing bean bag toss


This year at the Tweed Harvest Festival was also the first year for their car show! A number of cars were lined up at the fairgrounds to check out, and you could also cast your vote for the oldest classic car, people’s choice, most unique and more! I’m not sure who ended up winning most unique, but if it wasn’t this car…I’d demand a recount!



Besides all the candy from the kid’s games, there was also plenty of other treats to enjoy! There was a little booth set up with cotton candy, popcorn, caramel apples and candy apples available for purchase. The apples looked delicious!


dozens of wrapped candy apples


 Oh, and I also took a picture of this beautiful pumpkin while we there because I loved it so much. Turns out, it ended up WINNING the largest pumpkin contest! (it’s bigger than it looks in this picture!)


pumpkin sitting on a picnic table


As you can see, we had a great weekend filled with plenty of family fun at the Tweed Harvest Festival! And since Fall is just getting started, this family of local wanderers plan to do a little more wandering to check out all the pumpkins, apples and more being harvested in Hastings County this Fall! Stay tuned to the Hastings County blog and Facebook page for all the Fall family fun!


Story and photographs by Linsey De Ruysscher
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As one of our six Local Wanderers exploring Hastings County, Linsey enjoys making memories with her family hiking on new trails and discovering new hidden attractions along the way. If there is a river to be paddled, they'll be there!

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