Sweet Bro!

Photos and Story submitted by Britt and Jeff

We love food! Cooking it, eating it, sharing it, growing it, taking pictures of it and of course blogging about it! Some of the best food is made up of that beautiful little carbohydrate we all love to hate, sugar. Ahh yes, dessert, no meal is complete without it. Hastings County is packed full of tasty treats to satisfy even the sweetest of a sweet tooth. We’ve barely scraped the surface, but here is a few of our favourite spots we suggest you check out as soon as possible!

Paradise Tarts from a gas station. These people have mastered the art of the tart! Easily the best butter tart we’ve ever had. You can find these delicious sugar-filled pastry cups at one of many retail outlets across Ontario. We suggest going as close to the source as possible and grab one in Stirling! We chose the Pro One Stop on North Street. We enjoyed the salted caramel tarts from the comfort of our car.

Gelato at The Barn Chef. So much to say about this wonderful, family run joint offering tastes of Italy in Coe Hill. Sarah and Luca, owners, chefs, husband and wife are some of the friendliest and talented people we’ve met. We came for the Gelato but also ended up getting a cured meat platter, loaf of french bread and aged balsamic vinaigrette, all made in house! We enjoyed this snack on their cozy little patio, in the company of their cute son Matayo. Sarah and Luca were happy to chat with us in-between serving the steady stream of hungry customers. This place is a definite Hastings County treasure. If you love real food, do yourself a favour and check this place out.

Berries at a Farm Stand. Buy a flat or a basket, maybe even pick your own. Hastings County has a great climate for growing delicious berries, we stopped at Marsh Hill Farms in Stirling Ontario, it was the peak of the strawberry season and we enjoyed a basket of natures finest candy.

If you are like us and need to bring some balance to all this sweetness, you might decide to build your own charcuterie platter. Of course, you can add all the sweet options you like, fresh berries, dark chocolate, jams and chutney. But, be sure balance that out with some savoury meats and cheeses. We like to challenge ourselves to create epic “grazing” platters with as many local goodies as possible. You gotta check out the board Britt had for her birthday this summer, great inspiration! All credit goes to our amazing friend, Cat.

One last honourable mention, we couldn’t make it here on our treat tour, we officially ate ourselves into a sugar coma! So we will have to leave the pictures to your imagination. But as classic candy lovers, we had to include this one. Go check it out for yourself!

Retro Candy from The Bancroft General Mercantile. If you think you can’t get that favourite treat from back in the day you might be wrong. This funky little candy store offers retro favourites from way back so we can re-live the glory days of candy. Big League Chew, Jaw Breakers, Liquorice babies and much more, old and new. The perfect spot to fill up a bag for a road trip or movie night.

Sweet Bro!

Story and photographs by Britt and Jeff

Britt and Jeff are a small town Canadian couple with entrepreneurial minds, hippie spirits and a passion for food, travel, music and people.

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