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Living your best life in Hastings County

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Posted On: November 16, 2021

Author of the article: Peter Kenter • Postmedia Content Works • Publishing date: Oct 26, 2021

Andrew Redden, the economic and tourism development manager at Hastings County, can give you 100 reasons why moving to Hastings County can help you live your best life. The best part of his job? It usually only takes one or two of those reasons to convince people to make the move.

Hastings County is located squarely between Toronto and Ottawa, about a two-hour drive either way. As Ontario’s second-largest county it’s about as big as Prince Edward Island and stretches south to Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte and 160 kilometres north to Algonquin Provincial Park.

Redden says most people move to Hastings County to improve their quality of life. That can include anything from trading downtown living and the urban sprawl for a natural environment, eliminating hours of commuting, spending more time with family, buying an affordable property, or simply doing more of the things they enjoy in their own backyard, from hiking, boating, fishing and golfing, to skiing or snowmobiling.

“Many people continue to have jobs or operate businesses in the city,” says Redden. “They find that they can do most of the work in an environment they love, meet with others by phone or connect online and then make a trip to the city every week or so. When you build a life here, it isn’t about leaving the things you actually liked about the city behind. Many of us drive or take the train to Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal to enjoy museums, galleries and other attractions — then come back home by nightfall.”

Redden enjoys seeing “reverse sticker shock” after prospective residents check local real estate listings. Homes in Hastings County can start under $400,000, and there are building lots for those looking to take on a new project.

“Some people start with a cottage property and then extend their summer stay through the fall and enroll their kids in a local school, just to see how things go from there,” he says. New residents are surprised to rediscover a sense of community, making friends, discovering local businesses or starting their own, and developing a network of people who can help with just about anything.

“I lived and worked in Toronto when I was younger and enjoyed what the city offered at that point in my life,” says Redden. “At a certain point I realized that Hastings County was really where I wanted to be. It sneaks up on you, but you’ll know when it’s time.”

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