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Head Cook – Willowgrove-Fraser Lake Camp

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As the head cook, you are a very important part of the Camp Staff. You are in charge of overseeing the daily management of the activities in the kitchen, as well as the assistant cooks and the baker according to the Ontario Health and Safety standards. It is a requirement that you complete the Food Handlers Certification course prior to your arrival at camp. You are to ensure there is a meal plan made for every day that includes breakfast, morning snack, lunch, dinner, and an evening snack. As part of the Camp Staff, you must also respect and follow the rules and policies of Fraser Lake Camp. Some of the weekly tasks that you will perform are:

Place two food orders a week, including tuck food, in time for deliveries
Ensure that you are aware of camper allergies and dietary needs each week and plan meals/snacks accordingly
Inform the camp Director if any equipment is broken and needs to be fixed or replaced
Make sure overnight bins are packed and ready for collection (a schedule with numbers and days will be given to you)
Close down the kitchen every night including locking the main fridge.

Ensure the kitchen is clean working order.
Be prepared to go above and beyond your job description.


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