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Staff Directory

Staff Members


Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Christopher Sharon Administrative Assistant 3223
Goodwin Allison Records Management Coordinator/Deputy Clerk 3224
Monzon-Bradley Cathy Clerk/Corporate Communications Officer 3205
Nicholas John Communications/Project Coordinator 2335
Phillips Rick Warden 3203
Pine Jim Chief Administrative Officer 3204

Community & Human Services - Children's Services

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Bell Rachel Child Care Case Worker 2481
Bell-Rowbotham Beverly Data Analysis Coordinator 2315
Collyer Sheri-Lynn Child Care Coordinator 2319
Devries Elaine Child Care Case Worker 2379
Frauts Emily EarlyON Coordinator 4318
Garrison Tammy Children's Services Supervisor 2308
Harrison Juliee Child Care Case Worker 2326
Jones Laura Before and After School Special Program Supervisor 2612
Putnam Tory Child Care Case Worker 2392
Robertson Ashley Child Care Case Worker 2362
Utman Cathy Children's Services Manager 2340

Community & Human Services - Employment and Financial Services (Ontario Works) - Bancroft

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Grant Julie Job Information Clerk 6329
Kauffeldt Andra Case Worker Supervisor 6325
Kavanagh Christina Case Worker 6328
Pearce Sarah Counter Reception 6327
Smith Shelly Case Worker 6334
Spence Kelly Case Worker 6331

Community & Human Services - Employment and Financial Services (Ontario Works) - Belleville

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Ontario Works Counter Reception 2400 Ontario Works Reception One
Ontario Works Counter Reception 2338 Ontario Works Reception Two
Switchboard 2301
ERO Eligibility Review Officer 3061
Aylsworth Jen Eligibility Review Officer 2485
Beckett Brittany Case Worker 2393
Bradshaw Elisabeth Case Worker 2325
Burley Marissa Finance Admin Clerk 2311
Cripps Charlene Program Support Clerk 2382
Devries Angela Case Worker 2336
Donovan Bob File Room Clerk 2605
Findlay Joan-Lee Case Worker 2616
Forbes Tracey Finance Admin Clerk 2364
Forestell Marilyn Program Support Services Supervisor 2304
Gardiner Sheri Case Supervisor 2317
Gaunt Sandra Program Support Clerk 2365
Graham Andrea Case Worker 2328
Haas Amanda Client Access - Supervisor 2260
Hadath Lauren Policy and Planning Coordinator 2435
Hunter Shani Financial and Employment Assistance Services Assistant Manager 2303
Irwin Janet Eligibility Review Officer 2316
LaJoie Chelsea Case Worker 2353
Light Kelley Employment Development Case Worker 2339
Marchiori Dino Financial & Employment Services Manager 2334
McGuire-Smith Kelly Case Supervisor EDCW 2391
McLean Nancy OW Case Worker 2395
Murphy Anne-Marie Administrative Assistant to the Director of Social Services 2306
O'Brien Amanda Employment Development Case Worker 2302
Osmond Jamie Finance & Employment Services Assistant Manager 2305
Phillips Rhonda Client Access and Program Support Services Manager 2344
Pinchuk Cara Employment Development Case Worker 2614
Plume Kimberly Job Information Clerk 2508
Poole Mary Beth Caseworker 2318
Prevost Tammy Case Worker Supervisor 4322
Puffer Rhonda Finance Admin Clerk 2245
Rivers Erin Director of Community and Human Services 2333
Scanlon Sierra Case Worker 2383
Silver Cheryl Eligibility Review Officer 2441
Speers Kim Finance Admin Clerk 2434
Stewart Darlene Employment Development Case Worker 2483
Tinio Millicent Program Support Clerk 2381
Thompson Rhonda Case Worker 2387
Torrence Tanya Finance Admin Clerk 2331
Vaters Bonnie Employment Development Case Worker 2327
Willicombe Jane Case Worker 2429
Wilson Nicole Case Worker 2341
Wilson Alyssa Case Worker 2324
Worgan Erika Case Worker 2439
Zhang-Howard Jessie Case Worker 2394

Community & Human Services - Employment and Financial Services (Ontario Works) - Madoc

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Ancheta Angelina Job Information Clerk 3444
Cassibo-Tuck Vickie Case Worker 3404
Chilvers Cindy Case Worker 3407
Fleming-Declair Janice Case Worker 3405
Gordon Amanda Case Worker Supervisor 3401
McEwen Lisa Case Worker 3604
McTaggart Carol Counter Reception Clerk 3201
Pinke Janice Eligibility Review Officer 3501
Young Kevin Case Worker 3406

Community & Human Services - Employment and Financial Services (Ontario Works), Housing Services - Quinte West

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
ERO Eligibility Review Officer 2202
Alexander Chris Employment Development Case Worker 2224
Bay Joan Case Worker Supervisor 2228
Beliveau Sylvie Clerk/Receptionist 2221
Booth Kristal Clerk/Receptionist 2214
Carr Kim Rent Calculation Clerk 2225
Charbonneau Tanya Case Worker 2207
Duford Dana Case Worker 2213
Elliott Tailona Case Worker Supervisor 2201
Fitzgibbon Patricia Property Supervisor 2211
Gagnon Sarah Case Worker 2206
Garrett Rhonda Eligibility Review Officer 2223
Howson Janet Employment Development Case Worker 2229
Jones-Eskerod Donna Case Worker 2203
Mallory Pam Case Worker 2212
McCaffrey Rachel Case Worker 2209
McFall Cindy Caseworker 2205
Moore Julie Family Support Worker 2248
Scott Debbie Job Information Clerk 2216
Thompson Amy HHRC - Intensive Housing Manager 2220

Community & Human Services - Family Support Services

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Family Responsibility Office 1-800-463-3533
Peters Angela Family Support Worker 2323
Rosalind Meagher Family Support Worker 2332

Community & Human Services - Housing Services

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Aide Jordanne Tenant Placement Clerk 4323
Clazie Jennifer Tenant Placement Clerk 4304
Chapelle Patrick Rent Calculation Clerk 4317
Haggerty Andrea Property Supervisor 4319
Houard Catherine Home for Good Community Housing Coordinator 4309
Hubble Cindy Rent Calculation Clerk 4329
Johnston Tom Affordable Housing Programs Supervisor 4301
Lang Michelle Acting Assistant Manager, Operations 4314
Lough Carrie Property Supervisor 4321
Lough Suzanne Administrative Assistant 4307
Murray Andrew Property Supervisor 3610
Ogden Michelle Manager Housing Services 4310
Price Stephen Community Relations Supervisor 4320
Rae Cathy Rent Calculation Clerk 4308
Ruberto Carmela Assistant Manager of Affordable Housing Policy and Partnerships 2377
Tummon-Graham Shannon Property Supervisor 4326
Verleysen Sarah Property Supervisor 4327

Community & Human Services - Housing Services - Home Visitor Program

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Batchelor Batchelor Home Visitor 2239
Crossley Kim Home Visitor 2108
Hancock Melissa Home Visitor 2388
Christine Leblanc Home Visitor 2580
Myhill David Home Visitor 2322
Scott Sandra Home Visitor Trenton - (613) 392-1387 ext 2220
Tocewicz Tasha Home Visitor Bancroft - (613) 332-3410 ext 6324

Community & Human Services - Job Information Centre - Deseronto

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Burley Marissa Job Information Clerk

Facilities & Capital Infrastructure Management

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
6313 Housing Maintenance Request
Bilsborrow Kathy Custodian 2601
Boyd Stephen Custodian 2602
Burke Darren Facilities Manager 2613
Carty Matt Manager of Capital Projects 4302
Clifton-Wood Vicki Maintenance Clerk 2389
Dickie Joanna Maintenance Supervisor 4313
Duffin Jim Director of Facilities and Capital Infrastructure 2282
Fournier Andrew Capital Projects Supervisor 4316
Lloyd Corinne Maintenance Clerk 4333
Shearer Patrick Maintenance Clerk 4332
Soule Becky Ontario Renovates Clerk 4325
Tubbs Graeme Facilities-Maintenance Supervisor 2484
Vinkle Tim Custodian 2603
Wood Andrew Maintenance Housing Supervisor 3232

Human Resources

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Alvarez-Molina Juliana Talent Management & Talent Acquisition Advisor 3214
Dunham Colleen Human Resources Assistant 3132
Elliott Nicki Human Resources Clerk 3216
Green Theresa Human Resources Assistant 3206
Lightfoot Shaune Director of Human Resources 3207
Loveys Nicole Human Resources Assistant Clerk 3215
Sloan Yvonne Human Resources Advisor 3228
Vries Erin Human Resources Manager 3133

Information Technology

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Bunnett Brad Information Technology Specialist 3605
Cole Tyler Technical Services and Security Supervisor 3607
Corfield Shannon Business Systems Services Supervisor 3603
Dean Larry Director Information Technology 3601
Gibson Jason Information Technology Specialist 3604
January Nick GIS Coordinator 4009
Jarvis Kyle Information Technology Specialist 3612
Kailay Harjit Business Systems Services Coordinator 3609
Labreche Chris Technical Services and Security Coordinator 3602
McKinnon Jeff Helpdesk and Client Services Supervisor 3606
O'Neill Rory Technical Services and Security Coordinator 3608
Saunders Kelsey GIS Technician 4005

Long-Term Care - Centennial Manor

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Bond Bob Environmental Services Manager 6652
Coakley Allana Dietitian Manager 6604
Gray-Pattemore Polly Director of Nursing 6609
Kundail Shree Food Service Supervisor 6653
Mountney Nancy Activation Coordinator 6608
Plunkett Kathy Site Administrator 6605
Robertson Kim Clerk 6606
Thain Cindy Reception 6600

Long-Term Care - Hastings Manor

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Chapman Erin Director of Nursing 2227
Coakley Allana Dietitian 2243
Harvey Anne Administrative Assistant 2265
Merritt Kristen Administration Services Coordinator 2232
Paradise Ken Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 2225
Rollins Debbie Director of Long Term Care/Administrator 2223

Paramedic Services

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Benn Kim Data Entry Clerk 223
Blakeman Susan Receptionist - Clerk 221
Bowker Carl Deputy Chief 225
Higgins Trevor Maintenance & Supply Technician 233
Hunt Kelly Administrative Assistant 222
Neal Brent Maint. Technician 257
Latter Leanne Emergency Planning Coordinator 2500 613-966-1311
Raycroft Danielle Supintendent - Logistics 259
Rehayem Dominic Superintendent - Q&D 230
Slatter Mike Deputy Chief 226
Socha Doug Chief 224
Zanette Donna Scheduling Clerk 227

Planning & Land Development

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Bateman Helen Planning Clerk 4002
Budd Jason Senior Planner 4015
Galloway Emily Planner 4003
Garrett Gib Planner 4006
Hanley Mark Small Business Coordinator 4010
Harrow Justin Director of Planning & Land Development 4007
Redden Andrew Manager of Economic Development 4011
Rogerson Kasey Tourism Development Coordinator 4012
Sorrentino Luisa Marketing Coordinator 4001
Tanner Colette 911 Coordinator 4004
Westerhof Liz Land Division Secretary 4008

Provincial Offences

Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
3481 Prosecutor
3482 Justice of the Peace
Cairns Debbie Manager, Court Services 3484
Droppo Joanne Clerk 3202
MacDonald Tanya Clerk 3064
McKenna Lisa Clerk 3061
Munroe Leigha Clerk 3065
Quinn Lindsay Collections Clerk 3053
Rae Ross Collections Supervisor 3129


Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
Symons-Ray Karen Purchasing Clerk 3221
Thain Matthew Puchasing Supervisor 3227
Van Stiren Matthew Purchasing Coordinator 3217


Last Name First Name Position Extension Notes
3209 Treasury Main Line
Bell Susan Deputy Treasurer 3321
Bird Tony Financial Analyst 3220
Brant-Taylor Karen Payroll Clerk 3048
Canning David Financial Analyst 3225
Cassibo Tina Payroll Clerk 3134
Culmer Wendy Bookkeeper 3312
Deline Bernadette Accounting Manager 3322
Guernsey Shawna Financial Analyst 3485
Horwood Susan Director of Finance/Treasurer 3208
Munroe Janet Payroll and Accounting Coordinator 3211
Roach Rachel Bookkeeper 3222
Schmidt Pam Bookkeeper 3039
Watson Barbara Bookkeeper 3200