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Consent for Severence

About the Consent Process

The Hastings County Planning Advisory and Land Division Committee serves as the Land Division Committee (“Committee”) and is a committee comprised of County Council members. Committee meetings are generally held at the Hastings County Administration Building and virtually on the third Tuesday of each month. The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are outlined in the provincial Planning Act.

The Committee grants consents. Generally speaking, the “consent” of the Committee enables certain transactions to occur relating to the subdivision of land. These transactions can include the creation of a new lot; leases over twenty-one (21) years; rights-of-way and easements over twenty-one (21) years; lot adjustments and extensions; correction to property descriptions; mortgage or partial discharge of a mortgage; and, foreclosure or exercise of power of sale.

This page provides a number of resources to assist and guide you through the process.

Submitting a Formal Application for Consent Package

Please note, should you wish to proceed with submitting your Consent for Severance Application, it is imperative that you discuss this application with the lawyer who will be assisting you through this process.  This is a result of the recent changes to the Planning Act (which governs the division of land in Ontario), as it is your responsibility to determine if you wish to have the retained lands Transfer/Deed stamped. This request must be submitted with your complete application submission together with your solicitors’ written opinion per s. 14.2 of O. Reg. 786/21.

Therefore, a complete application submission would include the following:

  • Application –including Commissioning as required
  • Fee – as per Schedule ‘A’ of the Fees and Charges By-law 2017-0027
  • Required Studies, as applicable
  • Parcel Register(s) for the subject property and for the benefiting property (if a lot addition)
  • Solicitor’s Opinion re s. 14.2 of O. Reg. 786/21, as applicable
  • Sketch– clearly outlining proposal details as per sketch requirements

**If applicant is Purchaser – requirements as per s. 53(1)(1.1) of the Planning Act AND s. 18.1 of O. Reg. 197/96

Guiding Documents for Development Applications