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Financial & Ministry Reports

Audited financial statements for Hastings County:

Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP)

All Ontario municipalities are required to report MPMP efficiency and effectiveness measures for the services provided in their municipalities.

Municipal Report Card

In addition to the legislated municipal performance measures, the County prepares a report card on these performance measures for the various services it provides.

Energy Management Reports

The Green Energy Act, 2009 requires Municipalities to develop a five-year energy conservation and demand management (CDM) plan and to update the plan every five years beginning in 2019.

Municipalities must make their annual energy reports and five-year energy CDM plans publically available on their websites and in hard copy.

Asset Management Plan

Ontario Municipalities are required to develop detailed asset management plans to accompany any request for provincial infrastructure funding. Hastings County asset management plan was approved in December 2014.