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County of Hastings User Fees and Charges

If you would like to receive a copy of Hastings County’s Fees & Charges By-law please email Allison Goodwin, Deputy Clerk at

AdministrationUpdated FeePrevious Fee
Freedom of Information Requests$5.00 eachn/c
County promotional items such as County flags, hats, pins, crests, clothing, tapestries etc.CostCost plus 10%
Rental of County Council Chambers$250.00 per day$150.00 per day
Rental of Committee Room$200.00 per day$75.00 per day
County DirectoryFirst 10 copies free
$2.00 per copy of any additional copies requested by the same organization
Black and White Photocopies (In line with MFIPPA costs)$0.20 per copy (8.5 x 11)
$0.20 per copy (8.5 x 14)
$0.20 per copy (11 x 17)
$1.00 per copy
$1.25 per copy
$1.50 per copy
Colour Photocopies (In line with MFIPPA costs)$0.20 per copy (8.5 x 11)
$0.20 per copy (8.5 x 14)
$0.20 per copy (11 x 17)
$1.50 per copy
$1.75 per copy
$2.00 per copy
Staff Research Time$7.50 per quarter hour
TreasuryFeePrevious Fee
N.S.f. cheques (county wide)$25.00 eachn/c
Provincial OffencesFeePrevious Fee
Fees as per the Administration of Justice ActPer Ontario Regulation 210/07n/c
Human ResourcesFeePrevious Fee
Identification CardsPurchase costn/c
PlanningFeePrevious Fee
County Historical Atlas$25.00 (plus postage)$60.00
Road Name Changes within the County of Hastings (excluding name changes for safety issues)$2,700.00n/c
Copy of Official Plan & Schedules$50.00 (plus postage)
Note: Available on website at no cost.
Official Plan Amendment Application$1,000.00n/c
Plans of Subdivision/Condominium
(dependent on number of lots/units) and not including peer review costs
– up to 20 lots/units
– up to 50 lots/units
– over 50 lots/units

Re-circulation fee for applications of subdivision/condominium$500.00n/c
Draft Approval Extension$500.00n/c
Condominium Exemption Request$500.00n/c
Independent Peer Review by a professional consultant or lawyer of detailed studies/reports/drafts agreements (ie. hydrogeological, retail market, noise, environmental impact, lake capacity, development agreement, etc.)At cost – $3,000.00 refundable deposit provided at time of making application or when required by County staff.n/c
Consent Application
New lot (1 severed & 1 retained), lot addition, easement, right-of-way & Validation of Title
Review of draft deeds, re-stamping$75.00 eachn/c
Re-circulation fee of consent application, necessitated by applicant$200.00 eachn/c
Other Planning Services for Member Municipalities:
1. Staff report re: minor variance or rezoning application;
2. Preparation of draft by-laws & schedules, including zoning by-law amendment, removal of holding (H) symbol & deeming by-law;
3. Pre-consultation, site visit and/or attendance at Committee or Council meeting;
4. Review of a draft site plan or development agreement;
5. Preparation and Attendance at Ontario Municipal Board Hearings in support of municipality;
6. Update of digital zone schedule;
7. Park Lot Control By-Law
1. No fee
2. No fee
3. No fee
4. No fee
5. No fee
6. No fee
7. $500.00 + $100.00/lot

Notes: Applicable Conservation Authority Fees for the review of any planning applications are collected by the respective authority as per their fee schedule.

Information TechnologyFeePrevious Fee
Hastings-Quinte Regional 9-1-1 Road Atlas (40 maps, 11 x 17 portfolio cover)$70.00 (plus HST)n/c
Large Basic Map (no customization; use of large-scale GIS plotter)$40.00 Paper
$70.00 Photo Paper
$40.00 Paper
Minimum Initial cost for Custom Map Project (includes 2 hrs customization)$40.00n/c
Additional Hourly Rate (if required)$40.00/hr$30.00/hr
Copyright Free (if applicable)$50.00n/c
Member Municipality GIS parcel Dataset – attributes include roll number and legal description ONLYTBD (based on area requested at &1.50/parcel) + $200.00 processing feen/c
SCOOP 2013 full colour aerial orthophotography files (20 cm resolution) – 1 km x 1 km coverage tiles (JPG, TIFF, BMP formats), includes processing/delivery$30.00/tile$25.00/tile


  • Copyright Fee = $50.00
  • A fee for customers who purchase a custom map and would like ownership of the map in order to reproduce and publish in reports, map books, or other publications. The client will own the intellectual property of the map and will be able to redistribute it as they see fit.
  • Data Processing Fee (for Data Sharing Agreements) = $200.00
  • A one-time fee for the cost associated with preparing the data, delivering the data, and providing technical support to consultants and third party agencies that enter into a data-sharing agreement or non-disclosure agreement with the County.
Emergency ServicesFeePrevious Fee
Emergency response vehicle with one staffTemplate based on current year budget; minimum for 3 hours n/c
Emergency response vehicle with two staffTemplate based on current year budget; minimum for 3 hours n/c
Legal interviews with Paramedics to Assist Investigations (excluding Polic Departments)$150.00 per interview, per Hastings County employeen/c
Ambulance Call Report Copy$20.00$50.00
Hastings Manor / Centennial ManorFeePrevious Fee
Rental of Centennial Manor Auditorium$75.00/dayn/c
Staff Meals$5.00/mealn/c
Visitor Meals$7.50/mealn/c
CM Air Conditioning Charge$30.00 Installation Fee
$30.00-$40.00 Monthly User Fee based on BTU’s