Traditional advertising vs. digital

I remember a few years ago I had the pleasure of attending a meeting where a group committed to bringing the Olympics to Toronto met with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs).  There was an argument that television deals would bring in a great deal of advertising revenue.  However, according to some of the MPPs, there was the problem of people just recording everything with their VCRs and then fast forwarding through all the commercials.  Toronto never got the Olympics, but that's another story.  VHS Image

Today the VCR has been replaced by a wide variety of recording and streaming devices allowing viewers to record multiple programs at anytime of the day and then fast forward through all the advertisements.

Traditional advertising has not disappeared though.  I still see advertisements in weekly and daily newspapers, and of course there are still ads on television and on radio.  Nonetheless, the new digital and social media realm has offerred up a great deal of convenience and possibilities.

Take for example you decide that you want to buy a new bike.  Before you go to the stores you do a search online.  You visit a couple of stores, check some prices and details and find the bike you want.  The next day you go online to check the weather forecast and notice an advertisement featuring bicycles.  How did that happen?  While it might be a little bit creepy to some, this is making it easier for businesses to reach a target audience.  You are interested in a bike, so you're not getting an ad to buy a pickup truck.

I could go on and on here.  What I'm thinking is there's a shift evident.  It's a shift from traditional to digital and social media channels.  It's also easier to measure digital channels.  An advertiser can see how many times the advertisement appeared on a screen, how many times it was interacted with and how many links were clicked.  All of this is usually at an affordable price too.

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