Satori- Collective Jamming and Art Exploration | County of Hastings

Satori- Collective Jamming and Art Exploration

Event Time
Saturday, March 11, 2017 (6:00 pm to 8:00 pm)
A Place for the Arts (23 Bridge St. W, Bancroft)
613 332 7085- Magda
Satori is an ancient Sanskrit word for “being in blissful state”, “being in the now” , “a touch of enlightenment” or “full surrender to the intuitive inner flow”. By creating a music circle within the beautiful and unique space of the Place for the Arts, we created a nurturing environment for everybody to express themselves freely. We get together on the second Saturday of each month and explore the depths of our souls through the sound and other arts. The vibes created by such atmosphere are very healing and uplifting. With every gathering a new experience is realized, such as fun and spontaneous games or visual art interpretation through sound. Come and let yourself float for 2 hours… play new instrument, clap your hands or just simply use your beautiful voice. To explore more please go to

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