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Stirling Chic Studio isn’t a shop.  It’s the physical manifestation of a passion.  

You don’t have to know the whole cool story behind Stirling Chic Studio to know it’s more than just a shop.  I challenge you to take a few moments to walk through the doors of 34 Mill Street and chat with Soap Chef Heidi about her natural bath & body products.  You may never have used, or even heard of a “bath bomb”...but you’ll probably buy one.

You won’t purchase because Heidi is a sly sales person.  You’ll do it because of the twinkle in her eye.  You will recognize she is passionate about what she does.  You’ll believe she believes in what she makes.  You’ll understand she takes great pride in her work...and in her customer’s satisfaction. 

You’ll try it...then return for more.  Not because of the passion...but because of what the passion created:  Pure Awesomeness.  AND Stirling Chic Studio received the 2015 tourism HOTie Award for "Rookie of the Year"!

Stirling Chic Studio products 


  • Bath Bombs:  These handcrafted treats, filled with essential oils & zero SLS, are only “3 for $10”.
  • “Bling Bombs”:  Premium bath bombs embedded with Swarovski crystal necklaces equals pampering overload!    
  • "U SCOOP”:  Scoop your rainbow creation into a mason jar for a great gift filled with bath salts...and love. 
  • Pre-Order Forms:  With 30+ fragrances in a wide-range of products, you always get the combos you love.
  • Wedding & Event Favours:  Personalized decorative soaps to match the theme & colours of your event. 
  • Unique Jewelry pieces, “Geek” Soaps, local artisan Furniture & Decor and Helium Balloons!
  • Pokemon have been caught here!

A haven for the crafty! Workshops - Natural bath & body products - Fair-Trade Jewelry ... and much more!  Visit Heidi today at 34 Mill Street, Stirling, ON


Stirling Chic Studio / Soap Chef Heidi
34 Mill Street, Stirling