Marmora and Lake

Marmora and Lake

Marmora and Lake is one of Hastings County’s 14 municipalities, a beautiful little gem located in central southern Ontario. The largest village, Marmora, is surrounded by water from Crowe River, Crowe Lake and Beaver Creek. The area was known for its rich iron content and mining operations began as early as the 1820’s to extract and smelt this mineral. Today you will find a quaint, charming place with a lot to do and see. Explore Marmora and Lake!

Marmora Redneck Olympics

August 12 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Marmora Fairgrounds

$5 Admission. 12 and under are Free. Hoe down to follow and there is a Beer Tent. Contact Polly Sprung 613-922-7453 and on Facebook. Try your luck at toilet ring toss, hub cap hurl, giant beer pong, mini golf, and more. Sponsored by the Marmora Fair Board

Marmora and Lake FREE exchange weekend

August 18-20

Presented by Possibilities 

Instead of throwing your usable household items in the dump pass them along to someone who could use them.

Place reusable items at the curb after 6 pm on Friday, August the 18 and watch them disappear. If they have not been picked up by Sunday at 7 pm bring them back in.

Marmora Merchant Market

Thursday to Sunday 

A four season treasure trove of awesome; a place sheltered from the elements, that brings together local artisans, growers, antique dealers, vintage clothing and jewellery collectors, arts and crafts merchants and snack shops. A gathering place for merchants and shoppers connected by the love of a good deal and a one of a kind product. Upcoming workshops 

Miner's Day

August 26 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Marmora Memorial Park

Celebrate the history of the mines and trails in Marmora, presented by the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance.

Marmora Farmers Market

Saturdays May through Thanksgiving weekend 8am – 2pm at Memorial Park in Marmora

Marmora’s market is one of the biggest around, with more than 20 regular vendors in attendance and sometimes as many as 30. Marmora’s market boasts local produce and meat products, handcrafted items, woodworking and more. 


Marmora Mine

The open pit mine measured approximately 1700 feet by 1200 feet and reached 600 feet deep; over time, underground streams and rainfall have slowly filled two thirds of the mine with water, so much so that it is now officially classified as a lake.


Deloro Mine Site

 The Deloro Mine Site has a rich and important history. From its place in the Madoc Gold Rush, to its innovations in creating and producing metals and alloys, Deloro played a key role in the history of mining and industry in Canada. There are many stories to be told about the Deloro Mine Site, its geology, its industry, its innovation and its people. There are also important lessons to be learned about the consequences of reckless exploitation of the environment – a legacy of our uninformed past – and the extensive cleanup that must follow.


Miners’ Loop Tour

Visit the Marmora Tourism Centre for your map of the self-guided Miner’s Loop Tour featuring four great sites including the Deloro and Marmora Mine sites. For more information contact 613-472-1515