Lower costs in Hastings County

"Average detached Toronto home nears $1.2 million" says this recent Globe and Mail story.  To compare, according to this report the average February, 2016 price for homes sold in the northern area of our County was $140,923!  How much would you prefer to pay for a home?

If you're in Toronto and think a place like Hastings County is far away, think again.  According to Google Maps, if you started in Marmora and travelled to the Toronto Zoo, it would take you about 1 hour & 44 minutes.  If you wanted to travel by train, VIA Rail picks up passengers at the recently revitalized train station in Belleville and arrives at Toronto's Union Station around 8:15am every morning. The lowest ticket cost is $44 according to VIA.

You also don't have to compromise your Internet access moving outside of the "big city".  We have access to high-speed Internet too.

If you want to transfer your skills, talents or business, we can help connect you with the right resources, financing opportunities and answer questions about our community.  We also offer free and confidential business coaching to help you improve or start your business.  Checkout the many homes for sale here or how about the commercial opportunities here.

If you're still not sure, take a look at these "Lone Eagles" who chose Hastings County.

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