Local food featured in our Farm Show Tent

Farm Show Tent 2

For the past few years we've tried to offer something unique and different in our 60X40 foot tent at the Hastings County Farm Show & Plowing Match.  For example, last year since we were near Stirling we featured Water Buffalo Calves, and the year before we had a demolition derby car in our tent and invited people to paint their name on it (and even enter a draw for a chance to drive it at the Shannonville Fair Demolition Derby)!

This year we partnered with Harvest Hastings and Nelson Bridger, a professional chef based out of the Batawa Grill.  Nelson told me afterwards that more than 500 small plates of food were handed out, and that was within only a couple of hours.

With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs' "Foodland Program", the following is a list of the samples people enjoyed:

- Salted herb smoked brisket with Stirling Butter rosemary mashed potato;

- Firm water buffalo cheese with fiocco, baby arugula and olive oil salad;

- Pork and fennel ragout; and,

- Apple tartlets.

The ingredients were sourced from Enright Cattled Company, Grills Orchard, Haanover View Farms, Grimson Farms, La Cultura Salumi, Potter Settlement Wines, Reid's Dairy, Stirling Creamery and Willow Creek Farms.

Now, the challenge is figuring out what exciting feature to have in next year's tent!