Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs

It's hard to believe another Christmas and Holiday Season has come and gone.  It's also hard to believe it's 2016!

Nonetheless, the Holidays are often a time when "the kids" return home from school after exams.  By now they've already headed back for the start of the next semester.  In rural areas like Hastings County, I often hear parents (and many local people in general) comment that they wish their kids could one day return home full-time.  The hurdle is finding a good job they say.

I've been thinking about the argument that young people can't find a job.  While certainly there are endless opportunities for a young person in a big city like Toronto, and also the lure of a high salary, is it really all that great when the average home price is hovering around $1 million?  Suddenly making $150,000 a year in Toronto doesn't seem that great.

Further, is there really a lack of opportunities or jobs in Hastings County?  I decided to do a search online and found quite a number of interesting and decent paying jobs.  Some of them pay more than others, while the lower paying jobs still offer a decent starting salary (considering the more affordable cost of living in our area) and perhaps a chance to use the experience for a better opportunity later on.  Here is a list with links to the job advertisements I found (active at the time of this post):

General Manager (Vantage Foods Inc.)

Registered Nurse

Financial Advisor

Resources Operations Supervisor

Personal Support Worker

Several professional opportunities at Quinte Health Care

Technical Services and Security Supervisor

Registered Massage Therapist

CEO/Head Librarian

Marketing Co-Ordinator

Fitness Programs Director

Tax Consultant

Pharmacy Technician

Emergency Medicine Physician in Bancroft

Take some time to browse around for jobs yourself.  If finding a job is an issue, we do offer free and confidential business coaching to anyone who has a passion and might like to start their own business in our area.