I Left The City

Our County has launched a new campaign titled the “I Left The City Show.”  The campaign is aimed at attracting Lone Eagles, people and entrepreneurs who live in large cities such as Toronto or Ottawa and have businesses, jobs or skills that can be transferred to a rural or small town setting.      

“One of our key mandates and services is encouraging Lone Eagles to re-locate and invest in Hastings County,” notes our Warden Rodney Cooney. “With this in mind, the I Left The City Show is intended to catch the attention of city dwellers, show them entrepreneurs who have left the city and hopefully entice them to make the decision to relocate here as well.”

The I Left The City Show involves interviews recorded on video with twelve different entrepreneurs who have chosen Hastings County as the place for them to live and run their business.  Each entrepreneur and their interview is featured on the website www.ileftthecity.ca and the audio only versions can be listened to on the go from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.   Here's a preview:

I can go on and on about why this region is an amazing place to live and run a business.  Instead, we’ve enlisted the support of entrepreneurs who left the city and have realized the benefits of living and running a business in Hastings County.  It’s our aim to attract more.

We certainly do have an advantage over a City like Toronto when it comes to the cost of a residential home.  Someone who has been living in Toronto for years and watched their home value rise dramatically might want to sell now, buy a home in Hastings County and put a large chunk of their left over money in the bank or perhaps start the business they've always dreamed of.  Or, a young person or couple frustrated trying to buy a home in Toronto that they can't afford would be better off taking their valued money and investing it in a much more affordable home in our County.  Here's a list I put together breaking down the costs of homes in Toronto, Hastings County and other Ontario communities (obtained from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation):

Value of a typical home
City of Toronto $1,176,000
City of Vaughan $891,000
City of Waterloo $407,000
City of Ottawa $431,000
Town of Bracebridge $262,000
Town of Huntsville $246,000
City of Kingston $301,000
Town of Bancroft (Hastings County) $156,000
Municipality of Hastings Highlands (Hastings County) $163,000
Township of Stirling-Rawdon (Hastings County) $183,000
Municipality of Centre Hastings (Hastings County) $180,000
Municipality of Tweed (Hastings County) $158,000

 We want to help you make the move to Hastings County.  Contact us today!