Hastings County Launches New Website and New Logo

Hastings County has revamped its branding with the launch of a newly designed logo and website.

Hastings County Brand

The new Hastings County logo was designed by Floating-Point, a local company, to represent our communities in a friendly, concise and minimalistic fashion. The simple graphic element represents our shores to the south up to our rolling hills in the north. The trees and home elements represent our mix of rural and urban living, as well as our beautiful natural attractions. The new tagline was drawn from the County's Strategic Plan and represents our continuing support and service to our people and communities.

The new website was also developed by Floating-Point to be clean and professional, yet compelling in appearance and to provide a user-centric website experience that intuitively serves residents, businesses, tourists and potential investors. The new home page provides an elegant showcase of our local communities, while providing easy access to all of the services Hastings County provides. A large search bar feature has also been incorporated within the home page to provide website users with even quicker access to desired information.

The website was tailor-designed for a variety of devices, including tablets and smart phones. It has also been developed to comply with the applicable Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards, which provides barrier-free access to site content to individuals with disabilities.


“Hastings County is pleased to introduce our new website and logo,” stated Warden Rick Phillips. “We feel that our new website will make it even easier to learn about our great County and the services that we provide to our residents,” added Phillips.

“We believe that our new logo released in conjunction with our new website will further strengthen our County’s branding of supporting people and our communities,” said Warden Phillips.

Below you will find, electronic colour versions of the new logo in both regular (jpg) and transparent (png) formats.