Hastings County and Rural Employment Initiative

Hasting County and Rural Employment Initiative (REI)

The Rural Employment Initiative (REI) project is a partnership between the Ontario Association for Community Futures Development Corporation (OACFDC) and the Newcomer Center of Peel (NCP) funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation. The focus of the project is to connect talented internationally trained professionals with the employment opportunities in rural areas of Ontario. The REI aids newcomers in finding local jobs and residence in rural communities and as a result, increases economic prosperity as a whole. Through the creation of job opportunities, the REI facilitates the movement of unemployed talented immigrants from the overburdened metropolitan GTA to the rural economies.

Hastings County Economic and Tourism Development Manager Andrew Redden and Marketing Coordinator Luisa Sorrentino attended the Rural Job Fair in Mississauga on May 30th. The initiative aligns with Hastings County’s “I Left the City” campaign in an effort to attract new, qualified residents to the area. As many as 600 competent, skilled professionals who are passionate about relocating to rural Ontario attended. “We are seeing highly educated, experienced professionals who can work from anywhere thanks to their transferable skills, and are excited to relocate. The concept of having a better quality of life while raising a family is a no-brainer for these newcomers who have already taken the plunge in moving to a new country” says Luisa Sorrentino, who’s originally from Italy. “This is the place where you can follow your dreams”, she continues, as there are many resources to help you establish yourself. You can access free and confidential start-up and small business coaching support to help you find available funding here.


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