Economic and Tourism Development Unit

Situated within the County's Planning & Development Department, the Economic & Tourism Development Unit has the following mandate:

  • Provide County-wide leadership, advocacy and support for the direct and indirect benefit of all member municipalities;
  • Helping Hastings County to stand out from regional competitors as a place to live, work and visit;
  • Spearhead key County-wide and regional initiatives in economic and tourism product and sector development and marketing;
  • Attract entrepreneurs and providing support to existing businesses operating in Hastings County;
  • Serve as a coordinating and connecting window to facilitate access to and leverage the contributions of a wide range of economic and tourism development partners and supports;
  • Be a central hub for information, research, analysis and communication;
  • Encourage and facilitate local community development efforts by member municipalities and supporting the sharing of information and knowledge among member municipalities;
  • Develop and sustain the critical mass and breadth of capabilities required to be effective over time in economic and tourism development.

To support the work of the Unit, on January 17, 2017, Hastings County Council voted to add more resources to its economic development function.  A copy of the Economic Development Mandate and Operations Review can be viewed here.

The Economic and Tourism Development Office works with Hastings County's fourteen municipalities and with regional service providers to help businesses thrive and grow.  The following is an interactive view of our 2019 Year in Review Report, or you can access it here:

The following documents guide the County’s economic and tourism development efforts:

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