Digital Cenotaph

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, sometimes informally called "Poppy Day".  It's an opportunity to remember people who have served in the armed forces and those who have died in the line of duty.

There are many cenotaphs and memorials across Hastings County where people will gather tomorrow for formal services.  One such place that is probably the newest is the Deloro War Memorial.  Situated in the historic Hamlet of Deloro within the Municipality of Marmora and Lake, the official unveiling took place last October and it is labelled the first digital cenotaph.  The Memorial displays a Quick Response Code (QRC) meaning people can walk up to it with their smartphone or tablet and scan the QRC that automatically takes them directly to a YouTube documentary.  The entire Memorial project, and the documentary titled 'Lest We Forget - The Price of Freedom', was led and produced by Laura Forth and James Smith.  It is to their credit that we have this amazing new Memorial and recognition of the important connection Deloro had to the War. 

While I encourage you to make the visit to Deloro to see the Memorial, you can easily access their documentary online here.

This is also an award winning project since Laura and James won the MVP Award at this year's Annual 'HOTie' Tourism Awards.  If 'award winning' isn't enough to entice you, perhaps a desire to take time to pause and remember those who have served our country will lure you to the Deloro War Memorial.