Deloro Memorial Past, Present and Future


Hotie awards 2016The Deloro war memorial is the first interactive memorial of its kind in Canada, where people visiting the site use a bar code etched in the memorial to access information on their smartphone. A place where past and future intersect beautifully to honor and educate. The memorial can be found at 20, Deloro Road, Village of Deloro, between Madoc and Marmora, 1Km north of Highway 7.

Video and text content are available through a Quick Response Code (QRC), which allows visitors with their iPhone or iPad to scan the code access directly to a YouTube documentary titled "Lest We Forget".

The biographical video tells the story of the contribution of the Deloro's mining operation to the war effort. Materials like stellite and cobalt were taken from the Deloro mine and used in the manufacturing of ammunition during the war. Although the mining in the area led to widespread contamination we are seeing remediation that is reshaping the perception of the place. This movie is also about the future of this place. The project was officially unveiled in 2015. The site hosted a Remembrance Day celebration and this award winning film has been screened and applauded internationally at several film festivals.

Laura J. Forth and James A. Smith were the driving forces behind this community effort. They wrote and directed the film production as well as coordinating a multitude of stakeholders and actors. “We feel that the memorial is the expression of gratitude for all the people who helped us out rallying around the project. This significant project was possible thanks to the participation in the community effort by local museums, branches of the military, the municipality and everyone who participated and supported the initiative".                        

 This film helped building a positive image for the community and revitalized it from past environment disaster stigma. The Deloro War Memorial means sense of community and pride for locals and project managers Laura J. Forth and James A. Smith. When you drive through this historical site, you see the signs and Cenotaph - which makes for a great first impression. Many people stop, get out of their car and learn about it. Laura thanks everyone who made it possible through their overwhelming kindness and support, and adds: "The Deloro War Memorial has been celebrated around the world from the London International Filmmaker Festival to the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver, Wasaga Beach and Belleville but this HOTIE award means the most to us.  Because it given to us by our peers in our own community - Hastings County". 

For Canada 150, on July 1st, The Municipality of Marmora and Lake is officially launching the new revamped MINERS' LOOP of which the Deloro War Memorial Site and Tribute film is now a part of. Participants will travel around the five locations of the MINERS' LOOP and unlock an educational video at each site using their smartphone or tablet.  Each video explores an important geological and historical aspect of Marmora and Lake.

This unique and educational family event is free and will occur at the Marmora and Lake Tourism Centre at approximately noon (immediately following the 10 a.m. start Parade) on Canada Day.


For more information contact the Marmora Tourism Centre
9 Matthew St. Marmora, Ontario K0K2M0