Cross-Country Skiing

The Holidays are now over and we find ourselves well into January.  Snow is here and that means Hastings County is the place to be for numerous outdoor activities.

In this post I want to focus on one of my personal favourite activities and that's cross-country skiing.  I find this activity a great way to avoid hibernation and get outside for some exercise and even forest bathing.  Did you know that research provides Silent Lake Provincial Park Mapevidence that surrounding yourself with nature can reduce stress levels?

So what are some examples of places in Hastings County to go cross-country skiing?  While my list is not intended to include every publicly accessible location, there are three that I can note. 

One of the first that I ever pesonally explored was Silent Lake Provincial Park.  While not technically within Hastings County's borders, it's just a few minutes west of Faraday Township and the Town of Bancroft on Provincial Highway 28.  If you are willing and have lots of time, one of the loops is 19KM long.  When finished head back into Hastings County and stop somewhere for hot chocolate and some lunch or dinner.

Another location is further south in Limerick Township which is the McGeachie Conservation Area. McGeachie is home to 358 acres of land with many new and well maintained walking trails through the property.  How about put on your skis and explore over snow!

A third one to explore is in the Municipality of Tweed which is Vanderwater Conservation Area.  This destination can be popular among cross-country skiers with several areas to explore. 

How about spend a weekend or a couple of days skiing?  There are many accommodators across our County awaiting your reservation. 

If you have a location that you would like me to add to this post, or to a future one, please let me know.

See you out on the trails!