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Wollaston Heritage Centre

Wollaston Heritage Inc. is registered non-profit and charity organization that is focused on establishing a Heritage Museum in the Hamlet of Coe Hill, located in Wollaston Township. The said township was surveyed and named after the surveyor, William Hyde Wollaston, in 1864. It was William Coe and Harry Johnson, when prospecting discovered iron ore and formed The Coe Hill Mining Co. in 1882. This mine was officially closed in 1914.

Wollaston Heritage Centre - hours of operation

This beautiful site houses the abandoned remnants of an iron ore mine shaft, one of the only iron ore shaft mining operations in Ontario from the 19th century. Our plan and vision for the Coe Hill Heritage Centre is to create a destination where both visitors and members of the community can get together to celebrate and learn the rich history of Coe Hill and area.  The Wollaston Heritage Centre received the "Organization of the Year" HOTie tourism award in 2015 for their success and accomplishments with organizing the Centre in the community.

Wollaston Heritage Centre - School children

PHASE 1-This included the grand opening of the Heritage Museum July 11, 2015 showcasing the history of Coe Hill and area. Since that date, we have had visits from Coe Hill School children and teachers. Scheduled visits in July and August for The Young Stewards Environmental Camp have been arranged. Presently the Committee is looking for a portable school building to add to our existing two. Should anyone know where one is available, please advise one of our committee.

PHASE 2- Our vision is guided and self-guided tours of the mine and related artifacts throughout the site activity area. There will also be a common space for community events and festivals. We are in the process of erecting a Mine Head Frame, and will be erecting an 1890 barn that has been dismantled and stored as well as a complete saw mill which will be a feature attraction.

For additional information visit our website (www.wollastonheritage.com) or contact one of our committee members at (danandedithm@yahoo.ca) or by phone at 613.337.5705 or (irwin.john.d@gmail.com) by phone at 613.332.2241.

Submitted by John Irwin- Treasurer of Wollaston Heritage Inc.