6 years of Enterprise Facilitation

Today, December 9, 2015 is the 6th Anniversary of our Enterprise Facilitation (EF) Program.  Last evening at O'Hara Mill Homestead, amongst Christmas lights, lanterns and a warm fireplace, a crowd of supporters and well wishers gathered to celebrate in this latest milestone.

Since the program began in late 2009, more than 430 people across our 14 member municipalities have received some form of direct business assistance.  130 businesses have opened, 75 have expanded and 42 have been retained.  These figures are directly connected to support from our EF Program and Enterprise Facilitation Coordinator Mary Doyle and her predecessor Darcelle Runciman.  149 jobs have also been created and 62 retained.  Types of assistance has ranged from team building, product development, marketing, financial management, research/refferals and general operations. 

Henry Bickle

A highlight of last evening was a presentation from one of our EF clients Henry Bickle (speaking in photo at left) who lives in Wollaston Township.  He owns a company called "Knee Capper".  His product is a knee pad that is not held in place by a velcro strap but rather snaps.  The setup is patented and includes a kit that permits the buyer to put snaps on their pants and then those snaps hold the knee pad securely in place.  Henry praised Mary Doyle and the EF Program for help and support taking his invention to the next level by connecting him to the right resources.  He's now selling his product in stores and hopes to appear on CBC's Dragon's Den sometime in 2016. 

If you aren't sure what EF entails, take a look at Sirolli.com.  Ernesto Sirolli is the founder of EF and his secret ingredient is simply "Shut up and listen". 

If you have a business idea, or are in business already and are seeking some assistance, don't hesitate to contact Mary Doyle today!

Here's to another successful six years of Enterprise Facilitation!