2014 HOTie Organization: Maynooth & Hastings Highlands Business Assocation

Maynooth & Hastings Highlands Business Association (MHHBA) is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization of 90 businesses that promote our area as a great place to live, work and visit, focusing on both economic and social development.  MHHBA promotes Hastings Highlands as a destination for live entertainment at various locations, art and crafts in different venues and studios, seasonal recreation opportunities and farmers markets. MHHBA is also the lead for the big Maynooth Madness Labour Day weekend of family activities and the Brighten the Night Christmas parade.

HOTie Award photo featuring the Maynooth Business AssociationAnd in 2014, Hastings County awarded MHHBA with a 2014 HOTie Tourism award for Tourism Organization of the Year.

When asked, why should this organization be awarded, here's why:

"Unlike any other Chamber of Commerce or BIA, MHHBA, now numbering over 80 members since it began in 1989, is completely volunteer run.  It has a small executive committee who run monthly meetings each year and always in the early morning!  This small committed group produces annual Welcome brochures (5,000 copies), maintains a website and Facebook Pages.  This team also organizes the annual Maynooth Madness event - which is the town's major tourism event. With all our events, we have helped make Maynooth a destination of note in the past year, that's dovetailed with a public perception of the town becoming artistic and providing visitors with a trick or treat experience going from shop to shop."


MHHBA Logo with Towns listed

Contact Information:
Tel: 613-338-2853
P.O. Box 89, Maynooth, ON  K0L 2S0