2014 HOTie Event: Tweed Festival of Trees

The Tweed Festival of Trees was established in 2004 in a desire to address the needs of local youth for constructive activities. Every year all proceeds go to support large infrastructure projects and established youth programs. The current infrastructure recipient is the Emily Trudeau Splash Pad.

Festival of Trees Display-Tweed

Over the past eleven years, the event has raised $140,000 to support the youth of the Municipality of Tweed. Over the years another goal has emerged –that is to bring to our community the magic of Christmas - to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas - that of giving. 

The event is successful because of the over 100 generous sponsors who give their time and talent to decorate the beautiful pieces that bring joy to all those who visit. In addition, visitors enjoy local musical talent and a warm welcome from the many volunteers who help to make their experience one to remember.

The Tweed Festival of Trees committee is looking forward to our 12th annual event from Thursday, December 3rd to Sunday, December 6th, at the Agricultural Building in Tweed. Enjoy a home-made cookie and a cup of hot apple cider while listening to entertainment and perusing the 82 trees, wreaths and swags.   The theme this year is "A Country Christmas" and we look forward to receiving and enjoying each item as they are donated by our sponsors - the true "Santa Claus" of our Festival of Trees.

Festival of Trees Display-Tweed2

Contact Information:

Find us on Facebook at Tweed Festival of Trees
Or by email to: barb.mogunning@gmail.com or call Barb Gunning at 613 478-3225