Social Housing in Hastings County

The goal of Hastings County Housing Services is to provide safe, and affordable housing for low-income households in Hastings County. Hastings County Housing Services is a division of the Community and Human Services department. The majority of funding is provided by Hastings County, with additional funding provided by the federal and provincial governments. This funding provides Hastings County Housing Services with the resources to maintain and administer subsidized rental housing and supplement private sector units within Hastings County.

Housing Available in Hastings County 

Hastings County Housing Services directly owns and manages 1473 social housing units: 870 senior, 563 family, and 40 supportive housing units. Hastings County Housing Services also administers funds to over 400 rent supplement and allowance programs. approximately 160 rent supplement units and 233 monthly housing allowances. Units for seniors are spread across Hastings County. Family units are located in Belleville, Deseronto, and Quinte West. 

Hastings County Housing Services oversees the administration of 15 different non-profit and cooperative housing corporations with a total of 854 units. Units are located throughout various locations within Hastings County.