Child Care Fee Subsidy

Hastings County Children’s Services provides child care fee subsidies to assist families in accessing quality child care. If parents or guardians qualify, child care costs at licensed centres and home-based providers may be fully subsidized, or partially subsidized, with parents required to pay a portion of monthly child care costs.


Find information below about:

  • Qualifying for Child Care Fee Subsidy

  • Child Care Fee Subsidy Calculator

  • How to apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy

  • Child Care Subsidy Application Appointment

  • Your Responsibility while receiving Child Care Fee Subsidy

  • School-Age Recreation Programs



Meet the financial criteria determined at your initial appointment with a Child Care Caseworker. See below, “Eligibility Calculator”

Be living in Hastings County with children 12 years and under 

Have filed your previous year’s income tax return. If you arrived in Canada this year, you may provide your Canada Child Benefit notice instead

Child Care Fee Subsidy 

Eligibility Calculator

If your combined net income from line 23600 of your most current Notice of Assessment for yourself and your spouse is less than $20,000 your childcare will be fully subsidized. If your combined net income is over $20,000 you will be required to pay a portion of your childcare costs. There is no cut-off income level for eligibility for subsidy, as long as your childcare costs are higher than your determined monthly contribution.

A families’ determined monthly contribution may be reduced up-to 50% depending on the number of Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) eligible children in your family and if the child care program is participating in CWELCC. 

Hastings County encourages all families to apply for child care subsidy as final eligibility is determined by a Child Care Caseworker.

The table below lists examples of family/parental contributions before any CWELCC deductions: 

MONTHLY Contribution

The Monthly Contribution is the fees payable by the child’s parent/guardian to the child care provider for all the children in the family


This calculator is for reference purposes only


The exact parental contribution will be determined by Children’s Services upon review of your application

Annual Combined                    
Net Income




for your child care fee subsidy appointment

Child Care Fee Subsidy Application Appointment

required documentation for child care subsidy

Income, Work and/or School Schedule

Most recent Notice of Assessment or Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice

You may request this by calling Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281


One piece of identification per family member:

  • Birth Certificate, Driver's License or Health Card
  • Citizenship Papers if applicable
Housing Documentation

Rent receipt/ lease agreement
Mortgage documents or 
MPAC/ property tax document to verify current address


Court order or private agreement; if unavailable, a Custody Declaration Form may be requested from the Child Care Caseworker 

Employment & School

Four weeks of current, consecutive paystubs 

Letter from employer for new employment - if paystubs are not yet available, a detailed letter from the employer verifying hours and employment start date may be submitted in the interim 

Work schedule 

Business License for self-employment

OSAP Assessment Summary 

Official school schedule 

Special Needs

Parent Special Needs/ Child’s Special Needs Referral if required

Child Care Special Needs Referral Form

Parent Special Needs Referral Form 

The Next Steps

After eligibility has been determined by your Caseworker:

  1. We send an approval letter to the child care program informing them when your child(ren) can start and what your monthly parent contribution amount will be
  2. Enroll your child(ren) at the child care program
  3. We ask that you keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances. Our staff will review your information every six months, and a full review will be completed annually

While Receiving your Child Care Subsidy

To maintain your child care subsidy, you must:

  • Notify Hastings County of all financial changes immediately
  • Pay your child care fees directly to your child care service provider by the due date
  • Respond to any request or contact that your Hastings County Children’s Services caseworker makes with you
  • Complete the six-month review form and return it to Hastings County Children’s Services; complete the annual in-person review with Hastings County Children’s Services
  • File income tax return each year

School-Age Summer Recreation Programs

To qualify for school-age summer recreation programs in Belleville, Quinte West, and Tweed: 

  • You must live in Hastings County
  • You must be working OR going to school at least three days a week (Monday-Friday)
  • Your child must be at least 4 years of age by September of the current year
  • You must meet the financial criteria determined at your initial appointment with a child care caseworker

Choose the weeks of summer you would like your child to attend, and confirm those dates are available with the YMCA and City of Belleville. Contact Hastings County Intake Access Centre at 613-771-9630 or 1-866-414-0300 to schedule an appointment to complete the application process.

  • Choose the weeks of summer you would like your child to attend, and confirm those dates are available with the YMCA or City of Belleville
  • Contact your current Hastings County Children’s Services caseworker with this information 
  • If eligible, your caseworker will send an approval letter to the camp provider to verify your space in the program