Why Invest In Hastings County?

Hastings County offers a strong work ethic, easy commuting and affordability.  Experience the "Best of Both Worlds" through small town charm and rural living that is so desirable while still being close to the big city life.  The County lifestyle offers access to outdoor activities, a less hectic pace, and a short commute to work.

Send your children to one of our more than 30 elementary schools and more than 10 secondary schools in both the public and separate school systems.  Your family and employees have a reliable medical support system with three fully accredited hospital sites in Bancroft, Belleville and Trenton and a successful physician recruitment program through which Hastings County has attracted 11 new doctors. You can have it all at an affordable price. 

Would you like to hear from people who have made the move to Hastings County?  Visit www.ileftthecity.ca   Here's a preview:


Those in the video above realize that average home prices are much lower than larger Ontario cities and other destinations. The following demonstrates the differences:

Value of a typical home
City of Toronto $1,176,000
City of Vaughan $891,000
City of Waterloo $407,000
City of Ottawa $431,000
Town of Bracebridge $262,000
Town of Huntsville $246,000
City of Kingston $301,000
Town of Bancroft (Hastings County) $156,000
Municipality of Hastings Highlands (Hastings County) $163,000
Township of Stirling-Rawdon (Hastings County) $183,000
Municipality of Centre Hastings (Hastings County) $180,000
Municipality of Tweed (Hastings County) $158,000

Source - Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.


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