Tourism is a vital component of our local economy. Hastings County attracts 2.58 million visitors every year, with total annual tourist spending estimated at over $260 million. About $80 million of that is labour income, supporting 2,500 part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs. Over 340 businesses in Hastings County are directly involved in the tourism industry, and close to 100 businesses are indirectly impacted by tourism.

Hastings County - Opportunities in Tourism

As a result of the Hastings County Tourism Master Plan, we are focused on developing five core tourism assets (outdoor recreation, recreational geology, wellness, agri-tourism, and arts & culture), collaborating on marketing and promotion, and coordinating ways to enhance and improve our local tourism industry.  The guiding resource that directs our programs and initiatives is the Hastings County Tourism Master Plan.

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Kasey Rogerson, Tourism Development Coordinator
613-966-1311 ext. 4012