Arts Route

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Arts Route

The landscape, the history, the culture, the people; the authentic elements of Hastings County uniquely inspire each stroke of a brush, influence the fine details of curation, and forge hot glass into intricate designs. South to North and East to West, there is a vibrant artisanal vein that runs through Hastings County, and we have mapped it out for you! 

The Arts Route creates a trail of discovery to painters, potters, jewelry makers, photographers, performing arts and other creatives, making it effortless for visitors to uncover the bountiful artistic talent here. 

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2019 Art Events

Art in the Park - August 3 - Tweed, On 

Art at Farmtown Park - August 11 - Stirling, On 

Tweed & Area Studio Tour - September 28 & 29

Bancroft & Area Studio Tour - Sepetember 21, 22 & 28, 29


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