En Plein Air Group Exhibition


The En Plein Air Group Exhibition will be showcased at APFTA during the month of November. Admission is free and there is no obligation to make a purchase when visiting the Gallery.  Everyone is welcome to view the artwork. 

En Plein Air meaning “in the open air” is used to describe the act of painting outside on location. This show has paintings, painted in the Highlands and surrounding areas, by many experienced outdoor artists.​ ​Painting outside is very different from painting in a sterile studio. Paint dries much faster or not at all depending on the weather, wind blows easels over, the light is constantly changing, and biting insects are a constant distraction.  All these things affect the outcome of the painting.  These challenges tend to make plein air paintings more alive and vibrant.

Learn more: November Exhibition - A PLACE for the ARTS (apfta.ca) 






A PLACE for the ARTS

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