Much to Offer

Hastings County is the second largest County in Ontario stretching from the shores of the Bay of Quinte up north to Algonquin Park and the Hastings Highlands. Our landscape ranges from farming and forestry to quaint downtown shops and unique tourist attractions. Our rural haven is just a 90-minute drive to the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa is just 2 hours away.

A Top Place to Visit

Hastings County is popular among tourists. A recent Ontario government survey of international and Canadian tourists uncovered that Hastings County is among the top 15 places visited in Ontario.

Small Town Charm

Hastings County is filled with historic main street shopping districts and 19th century heritage buildings that give you that easy feeling of days gone by. People say “hello” on the street and you soon become known by name at each of the stores and restaurants you visit.


Bancroft and the surrounding region known as North Hastings is one of the most geologically unique areas in the world.  Almost 90% of all known minerals can be found here and we are a major destination for recreational rock hounding enthusiasts. The first discovery of gold in Ontario was made in 1866 on the Richardson farm near Madoc.

An Arts Capital

Hastings County is among the top 10 rural Ontario municipalities for its high concentration of artists.

The Cheese Capital of Canada

Hastings County is trademarked as the Cheese Capital of Canada. We are home to Eldorado (Golden) Cheese, Ivanhoe Cheese and Maple Dale Cheese.  And you know how well cheese goes with great beer?  Well, we have that too!

Local Food

Agriculture in Hastings County has a deep-rooted, two hundred year-old history. The rich farmlands in southern and central Hastings, and some areas of Hastings Highlands, have received national and international awards. Our annual Hastings County Farm Show and Plowing Match is one of the largest in Ontario with 19,000 visitors attending the two day event.

Outdoor Experiences

Hastings County offers a unique experience for every wilderness enthusiast. Tourists can enjoy an extraordinary multi-use trail system that wanders past scenic villages, historic ghost towns and clear lakes and streams. The network of groomed trails offers year-round adventures for ATVs, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, biking and birding. Tourists come to fish in Hastings County year-round in our 180 lakes and countless streams, smaller ponds and bogs.

Rejuvenate Yourself

Spiritual travelers come to experience the power and beauty of Hastings County and renew their spirit and feel rejuvenated, find balance for their mind, body and soul, and to reconnect with nature and a healthy well-being.  Hastings County Wellness is a network of wellness practitioners and award winning resorts who support healthy well-being. 

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