I Left the City

I Left The City

5 Reasons Why They “Left The City” To Start A Dream Business And Create A Better Life In Rural Eastern Ontario.

Alysha Dominico

1. “We designed our life, then our business, because you can’t make more time.”

After moving her home-based business, Tangible Words—launched while living in Melbourne, Australia—back to Canada, Alysha Dominico was looking to grow her business and her family while enjoying an idyllic life on the water. In Hastings County, she found affordable waterfront property close to urban centres, year round outdoor activities to enjoy as a family, reliable cell and internet service and an easy-drive to Toronto or Ottawa. Hastings County’s economic development initiatives quickly linked Tangible Words to ample opportunities without the need to network or live in the city.

Jeff Jenkins

2. “I guess it comes down to quality of life and quality of people.”

After 20 years managing a popular pub in downtown Toronto, a fantastic job opportunity allowed Jeff Jenkins to leave big city life and its big city stresses and move to a place that made him feel like he was truly home. At the Bancroft Eatery and Brew Pub, Jenkins found he could transform a local bar into an atmospheric dining and gathering place south of Algonquin Park, in the heart of Cottage Country. Now Jeff shares his passion for food and hospitality with residents and tourists year round staying close to family and friends. Even better, local appreciation of Jeff’s new ideas allows him to showcase his talents with original menu items and a unique nano brewery recently developed by the business.

Maha Majeed

3. “I feel so much joy and happiness every time I return from another city.”

A decision to stop working long hours just to cover the high costs of city life—leaving no time for family, friends, or vacation—led Maha Majeed away from the city. Maha’s Marmora pharmacy now brings her joy and fulfills a much needed service in the area keeping her work an important part of her life, without consuming her life. Not only has Maha regained time with family, her “family” now includes a vibrant rural community made up of neighbours and customers who appreciate her services.

Marj Brady

4. “I’m doing something that makes me feel good.”

Marj Brady knew it was time to leave an unfulfilling career in Toronto and find a way to enjoy her life again. Choosing to pursue a better way to live, she moved her family—and some alpacas—to Hastings County to turn a fledgling concept into a business. Drawn by its affordable living, availability of ample rural space for her alpacas and convenient distance from Toronto, Marj’s family has made Amazing Graze Alpacas a reality and their new community a home.

Trevor Telford

5. “The first time I drove through the County I was astounded by its beauty.”

Trevor Telford had a vision of creating a place for others to escape the monotony of city life and rejuvenate amongst the natural beauty of eastern Ontario’s rocks, water and trees. A designer, artist and creator, Trevor found the canvas to create his luxury, couple’s retreat amongst Hastings County’s welcoming communities on 6 acres of unspoiled Canadian Shield property along the banks of the Black River. The Black River Retreat lets him work at what he loves by offering a romantic woodland getaway a short drive from Ontario’s urban centres.


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