Hastings Opportunities in Tourism

We are HOT!  HOT stands for Hastings County Opportunities in Tourism.  It is an initiative started by the Hastings County Economic Development Office to implement the County Council approved Tourism Master Plan.  

What is our purpose? We help implement the Hastings County Tourism Master Plan Review Report (June 2016), assess our competitive tourism advantage and help Hastings County become a destination of choice.

What are the objectives?  We are working hard to increase the number of annual visitors to Hastings County and increase the average visitor's spending to grow tourism receipts.

Below is a list of our priorities:

  • lead and facilitate destination development in Hastings County by collaborating with member municipalities, industry and government partners to improve identified key tourism assets;
  • assist in the developem of distinctive tourism experiences aimed for identified target markets;
  • facilitate on-going industry-wide tourism training;
  • increase the profile and connectedness of the tourism industry, as well as increase awareness of the importance of tourism; and
  • represent the tourism industry and support collaboration and partnerships amongst various tourism development and marketing partners within Hastings County

Accomplished Initiatives:

Hastings County Tourism Master Plan 2010 - 2014 Plan Review
Tourism Awards Celebration - featuring the annual HOTie Awards program
Tourism Awareness Week celebrations in 2012 & 2013
Hastings County Wellness initiative
Arts Route initiative
HOT Spots Competition 2012 & 2014
Seasonal Residents Survey 2013 - Partnership with North Hastings Economic Development Committee
2014 Consultation and Recommendations Report on Tourism Marketing Services

Why is tourism development important?

  • Hastings County attracts over 2.58 million visitors annually;
  • Total spending each year by visitors is estimated over $260 million:
    • Over $150 million in direct, indirect and induced contributions to Gross Domestic Product;
    • About $80 million in labour income and salaries;
    • And close to 2,500 part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs;
  • Over 340 businesses in Hastings County are directly involved in the tourism industry, and close to 100 businesses are indirectly impacted by tourism activities and spending;
  • Tourism is a vital component of our local economies.
  • Learn more through our new visitor information infographics

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