Business Coaching

We offer free and confidential business coaching, formally known as "Enterprise Facilitation", to anyone wanting to follow their passion and start a business in Hastings County.  We also help existing businesses who wish to expand or are facing some issues. 

To learn more, contact Andrew Redden at or 613-966-6712 ext. 4011.

Since we started this service in December, 2009, based on Dr. Ernesto Sirolli's Enterprise Facilitation proven approach, we have witnessed phenomenal success.  The outcomes speak for themselves.  Between December, 2009 and December 2015:

  • Total clients assisted: 431
  • Businesses started: 130
  • Businesses expanded: 75
  • Businesses retained (from possible closure): 42
  • Jobs created: 149
  • Jobs retained: 62


Donnandale Farm