Doing Business with the County


You are invited to join the many other businesses currently providing goods and services to Hastings County. Procurement Services operates on the premise that a competitive market provides the best value for goods and services for the County. The majority of the goods and services purchased by Hastings County are through a competitive bidding process. Here is a brief explanation of the different types of procurement processes.

Low value purchases (not exceeding $3,000)

A minimum of one verbal quotation is required.

Informal request for quotations (greater than $3,000 but not exceeding $10,000)

An informal request for quotation requires 3 quotations obtained by the applicable department; quotations can be acquired by phone, fax, email or writing. This procedure does not require formal advertising or sealed bids.

Formal request for quotations (greater than $10,000 but not exceeding $25,000)

A formal request for quotation requires a minimum of 3 written quotations obtained by Procurement Services. This procedure does not require formal advertising or sealed bids.

Formal sealed bidding (greater than $25,000)

Formal sealed bids may be in the form of a sealed tender or a request for proposal (RFP).

  • These bids must be submitted in a clearly identified sealed envelope following the instructions in the bid documents and are opened in a public meeting.
  • All tenders and requests for proposal are posted on the County’s website under 2019 Projects.
  • The County also advertises open competitive bid opportunities in local newspapers and may also advertise on Biddingo (

Who Gets the Contract?

The County generally awards contracts to the lowest responsible bidder for quotations and tenders. The lowest responsible bidder is the one who:

  • meets specifications and
  • meets terms and conditions of the bid, formal or informal and
  • provides the lowest price (subject to the availability of funds)

In the case of RFPs, the criteria for award are specified in each RFP document.

How to become a supplier

Interested companies can contact the County at outlining the goods or services they provide. If these are goods or services that the County can use we will add the company to our vendor contact list to notify them of bid opportunities.

How to request bid documents.

The County will automatically forward bid documents electronically to companies that are on our vendor contact list at no cost. Interested companies can also obtain hard copies of any bid documents at no cost at the Procurement Office, Room 104 in the Administration Building at 235 Pinnacle St., Belleville. Companies can also request bid documents by contacting us at

Vendor Management Program

Notice of a Participation of a Buying Group

Health and Wellness Expression of Interest Application Form